Thursday, October 29, 2009

3000/6000 Yard Postal Championship

Monday, November 9th: The evening workout (7pm) will be your opportunity to swim an "official" timed 3000 (or timed 6000). Come join us to swim or to take splits. For those of you who are registered with US Masters, you will have the opportunity to submit your time to the 3000/6000 Yard Postal Championship and see where you match up with other masters swimmers on the national level. This is a great event and an awesome challenge!

Further details on the USMS sponsored event can be found at:

*There will be an alternative practice offered for people that are not interested in doing the distance swim.

See you at the Plex!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Short Course Meters Season

It is late October (although it feels like late December) and we are just getting into the Short Course Meters season! BC Masters has made their way to the scene with Stephanie Doherty competing at the October Swim Fest (hosted by Simmons College) last Saturday. There are a bunch of great meets coming up in the next two months - let's participate!

Saturday 10/24: Concord Mini-meet (7:45am)

Sunday 11/1: 10th Annual George Erswell Swim Meet (11:00am)

Saturday, 11/7: 2nd Annual Patrick E. Stevens Meet (2:30pm)

Sunday, 11/15: 2nd Annual Greater Portland Meet (10:00am)

Sunday, 11/22: 10th Annual Turkey Time Meet (8:00am)

***And most importantly, a huge TEAM event for BC Masters: The Short Course Meters Championships at Boston University*** (Friday, December 11-Sunday, December 13: All Day! - Come for just your races OR for the entire weekend!)

For details on meets and events, please check out: For most of the meets, swimmers are required to be registered with New England Masters. Registration information can be found on that same website... it is well worth the $35.00!